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Can you rekey your BE365 cylinder to a Kwikset, Titan, Weiser or Baldwin key?

Josh Bozarth
posted this on February 24, 2012 04:59 PM

 You can rekey BE365 cylinders to match other C keyways.  You will need a specific rekeying kit that comes with a conversion plug.  The part number for this rekeying kit is  40-090.

This is a rekey kit with a special plug that will go on the cylinder that will allow for the rekeying.  Once you get this kit you can do it yourself and rekey the cylinder just like any other pin tumbler. 

You would remove the cap, then push the follower through to remove the cylinder keeping the springs in. Then you will replace the springs and pins with the new pins.  Then push the cylinder back under the springs with your follower.


You can also take this to your local locksmith and they would be able to convert the cylinder for you.