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Lock Lubrication

Schlage Support Team
posted this on January 13, 2012 02:04 PM

What does Schlage recommend as lubricant for front door deadbolt locks and door handle mechanisms?

Schlage recommends a dry graphite lube. Dry graphite lube is a high lubricity graphite that adheres to most surfaces with minimum surface preparation. It air dries rapidly at room temperature to provide clean, long-wearing lubrication.

  • Ideal where a dry lubricant is required or where petroleum products must be avoided
  • Adheres with minimum pre-treatment
  • Effective in extreme temperatures
  • Dries rapidly at room temperature

The frequency of lubricating a lock cylinder depends on usage and environment.  Lubricating every five years is adequate under normal conditions and use.  Lubricate a cylinder if the key insertion/extraction becomes rough or more difficult over time.  The following conditions might affect the frequency of application:

  • High usage doors with frequent keyed entry
  • Dusty environments particularly those near construction, and along dirt roads where dust and dirt might be common in the air
  • Coastal areas and areas of high corrosive environments; pool areas, etc.
  • Extremely low key usage on doors on the exterior; exterior storage sheds, etc.
  • Indoor applications typically require less maintenance than locks exposed to harsh exterior environments
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