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Latch will not retract.

Schlage Support Team
posted this on August 22, 2011 04:10 PM

Issue: Latch will not retract? 

Environment:Multiple keyed entry functions. Some identifying issues: 

  • Latch will only retract when turning the knob
  • Or pushing down on the lever 

Cause: Please check the installation carefully of  the latch.  Generally this failure is caused from improper installation.  It can be easily seen if there are wear marks on the side of the deadlocking plunger from rubbing on the strike (see image below). In order for the latch to be installed properly, the deadlocking plunger must be retracted and resting on the strike plate while the door Is shut, as pictured below.  Often the latch is installed so that both pieces, the larger latch as well as the dead locking plunger, both go into the strike.  Some people will pull on their door a little harder to hear a little "click" which indicates that smaller plunger has entered the strike.  This is not proper installation and will cause stress on the springs inside, eventually breaking them.

Resolution: If you find that your latch has failed due to installation, a replacement latch can be purchased through online retailers, most local hardware stores that carry Schlage, or through contacting customer service.  Click here to see the latch options (opens in a new window)

If you find that your latch and strike are not aligned to allow proper installation, simply move your strike slightly so that only the larger plunger can enter the hole, and the smaller dead locking plunger stays compressed when the door is closed. Try this test with a functioning latch:  With the door open, try to press on both pieces at once.   You'll notice that they both move easily.  Now, press in on the small deadlocking plunger.  While holding the plunger in, try to press in on the larger latch.  The larger latch will not move.  This is the way the latch should be when the door is closed. This is the deadlocking function and provides extra security when your door is closed and locked. View here for latches





example deadlatch installation.jpg

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